lunes, 26 de febrero de 2018


On the 5th February, all Secondary students went to the theatre to watch an English play called New York, New Delhi. It was really funny and there were a lot of famous songs, but the plot wasn’t interesting enough. All of us thought that it would be different.

Leyre Lopes (1º ESO) y Eva Navarro (4º ESO) en el escenario
The play was about two people, a boy and a girl, who met at the airport. Suddenly, they heard that their flights had been cancelled. They talked a lot and they discovered that they were good friends in the past.

They remembered a lot of anecdotes: when a teacher punished them, when they went to a music concert and it was suspended or when they went to a football match and it was suspended too … It was also the perfect occasion to bring back memories of the love they both felt from the first moment they met.

During the scenes, the actors asked us for help and some volunteers helped them. When the play finished, we could ask some questions to the actors.

The scenes weren’t as good as we had expected but we spent time listening to actors speaking English and it was useful to improve our ability to understand the language.

Ana Joven 4º de ESO  y Álvaro Hernández 3º ESO

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